Friday, March 16, 2012

The Friday MP3 Shuffle #152

It's so good, it's like... how much more good could this be? And the answer is... none. None more good.

(zip) MP3 Shuffle #152 (68 mb)

1. Burst - Mercy liberation (2005)
2. Raging Speedhorn - Hate song (2002)
3. Murder Squad - Spunkslut (2003)
4. F.K.Ü. - Bus bitch die (1999)
5. Slayer - Point (1998)
6. At The Gates - Legion (Slaughter Lord cover, 1995)
7. Crowbar - Cleanse me, heal me (2011)
8. Strapping Young Lad - Decimator (2006)
9. Only Living Witness - Voice of despair (1993)
10. Karnivool - Set fire to the hive (2009)
11. The Haunted - Unseen (2011)
12. Illuminatus - You'll never know what this means (2011)

Pay for your music.


Anonymous said...

fuck Yeah!!! there's even a few i don't have- you rule,,Canada loves you!, well i do

kielbasage said...

Dude, you weren't kidding. This one is killer. Strong all the way around (except one song I can't get into, but to each his own).

This shuffle has probably the most "keepers" for me ever out of all your shuffles.

Thank you. \mm/

David Snusgrop said...

Which song would that be? I'm intrigued.

kielbasage said...

Strapping Young. Symphonic vocal style just not my thang.

David Snusgrop said...

Cool, fair enough.