Thursday, February 23, 2012

Songs That Get My Juices Flowing #180

Hats off to kielbasage for the Activator track. Top shit.

(mp3) Bowel - Dump truck
Available on 4 Song Demo (2007)

(mp3) Anal Cunt - You're gonna need someone on your side (Morrissey cover)
Available on V/A - The World Still Won't Listen - A Tribute To The Smiths (1996)

(mp3) Gwar - S.F.W.
Available on V/A - S.F.W. Soundtrack (1995)

(mp3) Initial State - Swarm
Available on Abort the Soul (1994)

(mp3) Activator - Shackle
Available on Unfortunate Lovely (2009)

1 comment:

kielbasage said...

Dude, thx for correcting my band name mixup (my bad on Afro-Punk) on the Activator track.

That fucking Bowel track you have here rips!!! Awesome. Thx as always.