Sunday, February 12, 2012

Songs That Get My Juices Flowing #176

Starting tomorrow there will be a Theme Week on Metal Bastard!

Every day next week will feature a particular band that I grew up listening to and which had an enormous impact on my interest in music ever since. If you want a hint, they were a part of my Top 30 Album of the 90s list.

Some of you will dig it, others won't give a shit.

When I say "every day", I mean every day except Tuesday and Friday. On Tuesday you'll get Trippy Shit Tuesday as usual (as well as a likkle supm spum because it's Valentine's Day) and the weekly MP3 Shuffle will appear on Friday.

So not a full week, but five days. Yeah.

(mp3) Behold! The Monolith - Land of the midnight sun
Available on EP (2008)

(mp3) Death Strike - The truth
Available on Fuckin' Death (1991)

(mp3) Nightbringer - To will
Available on V/A - On the Powers of the Sphinx (2010)

(mp3) Tank 86 - Tank
Available on Ariba (2005)

(mp3) The Empire Shall Fall - These colors bleed
Available on Awaken (2009)

And lastly something that has nothing to do with anything.

I may not be Star Wars nerd, but I dig that shit. I dig it. Not the prequels, fuck that shit. But the original trilogy, I dig that shit. I dig it. I used to collect those toys back in the 80s. I dug that shit.

This may be old news as it was originally posted on YouTube in segments, but now it's on Vimeo in its full length glory.

Some dude took the original trilogy and replaced scenes with outtakes, bloopers, deleted scenes, B-roll footage, behind the scenes stuff, alternate audio etc, added preproduction stuff like conceptual art and animatics, inserted audio of the cast and crew talking about the film. I dig that shit.

It sounds really choppy and terrible the way I'm describing it, but it's masterfully edited, it flows beautifully. It's like watching the movies and a making-of documentary at the same time. Dude should get some kind of award.

Just look at this shit. And dig it.

How fucking tits is that? Rhetorical question, don't answer it. Though if you had to answer it the answer would be "Incredibly tits". Now take a look at The Empire Strikes Back:

wtf how tits is that? So tits. What about The Return of the Jedi?

omfg so tits. The same dude did the same to Raiders of the Lost Ark, check these tits:

omd did u see those tits?

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MarkFromReno said...

Behold the Monolith! Awesome band and choice.