Sunday, February 5, 2012

Songs That Get My Juices Flowing #173

XI by Hexis is my favorite release of 2012 so far.

Though that might change in a minute when I put on the new Napalm Death for the first time. 2012 - another fucking flawless year in music.

By the way, yesterday when I asked if anyone was having issues with Rapidshare, one of you wrote this:
"after about the third download, Rapidshare wants you to buy the pro account for multiple downloads.
So I close my browser, erase my history and come back to the blog. Then I download the rest with RS thinking it's a new session."

Anybody else have to go through the same procedure?

In other news: I'm loving the second season of Portlandia so farting much that I'm considering giving the unbelievably uneven first season another chance. I will also never be able to take Sleater-Kinney seriously again.

PS. I just realised the Hexis album was released in 2011. Fuck.

(mp3) Hexis - Crux
Available on XI (2012)

(mp3) Ehnahre - The clatterbones
Available on Taming the Cannibals (2010)

(mp3) Young and in the Way - Rehash, provenance, death
Available on Torch Runner/Young and in the way 7" (2011)

(mp3) Mötley Crue - Kickstart my heart
Available on Dr. Feelgood (1989)

(mp3) Hellshock - Who's scared now?
Available on Only the Dead Know the End of War (2003)


Josh Gunderson said...

You just can't download more than one at a time with the free account.

MediaFire would let me do like 30 I think.

David Snusgrop said...

Aye, Mediafire was indeed the shit.