Sunday, February 19, 2012

Books You Should Read: "Everybody Loves Our Town" by Mark Yarm

Almost two years ago I called Greg Prato's Grunge Is Dead the best book I've read on the subject of the Seattle music scene of the 80s and 90s. I liked it so much I made a fucking insane compilation in honor of it. It's still one of the best compilations I've made, and I've made fucking hundreds.

But now it turns out Mark Yarm's Everybody Loves Our Town is superior. Also written in the always preferrable oral history format of letting the people involved tell the story themselves, this one goes deeper, has people Greg Prato didn't feature. Novoselic? Grohl? Vedder? All here. All biographies should, if possible, be written as an oral history.

So naturally I had to put together another compilation of my favorite music scene anywhere ever - the snotty rock 'n' roll written and performed in the upper left corner of the United States between circa 1980 and 1995. Could this somehow magically be even better than the first one? You be the judge.

Watch the great documentary Hype! while you're at it.

(zip) V/A - Pacific Northwest Compilation #2 (71 mb)

1. Mudhoney - Ritzville
2. Flop - Julie Francavilla
3. U-Men - Solid action
4. Young Fresh Fellows - Low beat
5. Love Battery - Ibiza bar (Pink Floyd cover)
6. The Gits - Whirlwind
7. Wipers - Let's go away
8. Girl Trouble - My hometown
9. The Thrown Ups - You lost it
10. Nirvana - White lace and strange (Thunder And Roses cover)
11. Pearl Jam - Evil little goat
12. Malfunkshun - Mr. Liberty (with morals)
13. Dickless - Saddle tramp
14. Soundgarden - All your lies
15. Green River - Searchin'
16. TAD - Stumblin' man
17. Melvins - Let god be your gardner
18. Mono Men - Watch outside

Buy the music.

Buy the book.


Pete said...

Hey man, top compilation. I enjoyed Yarm's book - I've actually just come back from Seattle and as a fan of the Pacific Northwest former music scene it was definitely an experience to see the places where these bands played back then.

MarkFromReno said...

Agreed again, Mr. Bastard. It's a great book, really engrossing. The folks you mention, though, are from previous interviews and not originals, but he did edit them well and with relevance, not just thrown in. This book is worth it for the new Mark Arm interviews alone.

Josh Gunderson said...

Added that book to my To Read list.

Finally listened to your first PNW comp today (been sitting in my !mixes&comps folder since April 2010 I think) and just finished the second. Liked the first one better. I live and work ~10 miles from downtown Seattle, and I've of course heard of all of the bands in these comps, but hadn't heard most of the songs.

R.I.P. Andrew Wood and Mia Zapata (really fucked up story there), and others.

David Snusgrop said...

"This book is worth it for the new Mark Arm interviews alone."

Very true. What a hero.

yarmyarm said...

Thanks for the kind words and the awesome mix! BTW, Everybody Loves Our Town is out in paperback March 13:

Mark Yarm (not Arm)

David Snusgrop said...

You're welcome, Yarm (not Arm)!

Thanks for the link too.

Johny said...

The BEST BOOK I have read in ages. So amazing.

Thanks for this mix! Cranking it right now.