Friday, February 25, 2011

The Friday MP3 Shuffle #103

Hello. I brought twelve of my friends, they want to spice up your weekend with brutal fucking metal.

And the Academy Awards are this Sunday. I don't wish for a particular movie/actor/writer/costume designer/sound editor/whatever to win because award shows don't matter anyway, but let's just say that if Inception, Black Swan and True Grit win stuff, I won't mind.

But both you and I know that Exit Through The Gift Shop was by far the best movie of 2010. Right? Whether it really belongs in the documentary category or not is anyone's guess, but either way it pwned hard.

(zip) MP3 Shuffle #103 (61 mb)

1. 1349 - Sculptor of flesh (2005)
2. Bloodbath - Mock the cross (2008)
3. Napalm Death - On the brink of extinction (2009)
4. Dismember - The hills have eyes (2008)
5. Crucifyre - Born against satanist (2010)
6. Slayer - Dittohead (1994)
7. Entombed - Contempt (1993)
8. Bolt Thrower - Spearhead (1993)
9. Magrudergrind - Bridge burner (2009)
10. Car Bomb - Cellophane stilleto (2007)
11. Driller Killer - When the innocent die (2005)
12. Black Breath - Wewhocannotbenamed (2010)

Pay for your music, raggarsvin.

Speaking of Exit Through The Gift Shop, here's a nice video of Mr Brainwash himself (?) being interviewed by some bored hipster chick who'd much rather be flashing her minge in an American Apparel advert than talking to a hairy Frenchman:


nancyboy said...

bloodbath AND bolt thrower! YAHOO!!!

thanks! (how bout a few more exclamation points, eh? -- !!!!!)

David Snusgrop said...


Walt Ribeiro said...

Exit Through The Giftshop was not one of the best movies of 2010 haha I'm loving the mp3 list you have here. But why leave out Pantera or Dillinger?

David Snusgrop said...

Why leave out Pantera or Dillinger of what?