Thursday, February 12, 2009

Big Business - "Tour EP III" (2008)

While we wait for the mighty Business' third album (Mind The Drift, released in April), here's their most recent tour ep.

They have a habit of making one of these before each album and sell them at gigs as a little teaser. These always include songs that later turn up in the album proper in re-recorded versions, as well as songs that get left off the album.

On this one Send Me A Postcard, a brilliant cover of a Shocking Blue song, is most likely the one that won't be included on Mind The Drift.

These tour eps are usually pretty rough around the edges, with songs basically in demo form. But seeing how this is their best sounding and most well-produced tour ep yet, will they really be recorded all over again?

These three songs sound just as good as anything on the last album, the monumental Here Come The Waterworks (declared the second best album of 2007 on this very blog, and if I say so it's the truth), so there would be little reason to change anything.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

(mp3) Big Business - Cold lunch
(mp3) Big Business - The drift (highly recommended!)
(mp3) Big Business - Send me a postcard

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